Canon Rebel t2i Giveaway! (CLOSED) WINNER =

I’ve always really loved photography; in fact I’ll be doing a photography course in Uni. My dad is really supportive of me & bought a canon eos 7d for my birthday which was on January 3rd. It has literally become the love of my life and I can’t picture myself using anything else. Anyways, so a couple of weeks ago my Aunty bought me a Canon Rebel t2i, seeing as I already have the canon 7d I decided to give it to one of my friends, although most of them already have this camera and I don’t think I want to sell it on ebay or anything. Seeing as I love tumblr, especially because of the people, I decided that I’m going to be giving away my CANON REBEL T2I! I swear on everything that this isn’t just a scam to get followers. I’m willing to give away this camera to anyone here on tumblr because of my love for photography.

The Rules:

  • You must be following me to win!
  • You must reblog this post to be entered. You can reblog this post as many times as you like (it’ll increase your chances of winning)
  • If you are chosen as a winner, I am going to place your URL on the top of this post + I will send you a message in your ask box
  • If your ask box is closed I will be choosing another winner
  • If you win I will send you a message with my email address and you need to reply (in my ask box) with your shipping information!

Heres what you’ll get:

  • 55-250 IS f/4-5.6 EF-S lenses 
  • Canon Rebel t2i.
  • Wide strap.
  • Interface cable.
  • AV cable.
  • Battery pack.
  • Battery charger.
  • Canon Rebel t2i Instructions.

The camera has only been used once and is in perfect condition no scratches or anything. This is an international contest, so anyone can enter!


Good luck guys! <3



Sunday May 5 @ 10:34pm
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